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Sailing & Regattas

The Lipton Cup

The Lipton Cup, named after Sir Thomas Lipton, is a beautiful sterling silver antique trophy which has had a significant impact on Smyrna Yacht Club. The history of this treasure gives it, and the events that are associated with it, a certain mystique from which tradition is created. The Lipton Cup Regatta has become a prestigious sailing event on the Florida East Coast. Every year it is supported by up to 30 boats from as far north as Charleston to Melbourne in the south.

The Brewers Cup

A long-standing tradition, Smyrna Yacht Club has hosted the Brewer's Cup Regatta each October since 1999 attracting between 20 and 30 participating boats from across Central Florida -- a notable feature on the Indian River. The Brewer's Cup is a downwind pursuit race with a staggered start for any and all sail boats that can navigate the Indian River. More specifically, the Brewer's Cup is a downwind “FUN” race occurring between the Smyrna Yacht Club and Mosquito Lagoon, a distance of about 10 miles.