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Transient Dockage

A limited amount of Transient Dockage is normally available for:

  • FCYC members - charged for power only on the first night.
  • Members of Yacht Clubs offering reciprocity agreements in the Register of American Yacht Clubs
  • Members of SYC 
  • Relatives of SYC members - short stays at the discretion of the Dock Master

Transient Dockage Charges Are:

  • $1.75 ($1.00 for FCYC) per foot per night (+ sales tax) 
  • $4.00 per 30 amp connection per night 
  • $6.00 per dual 30 amp or 50 amp connection per night.

Smyrna Yacht Club welcomes all visitors from affiliated Yacht Clubs to our facilities and we hope you enjoy our fine dining and hospitality. If you require dockage, it is available, but we would like you to be aware of the joys of docking at our location. The tide can run at up to 3 mph in either direction and we are NOT in a “no wake zone”, which means that you can be subject to 2ft swells from some power boaters. The tide fluctuation is about 3ft.  

You will most likely to be assigned either the North or South Service Docks. (The South has pump out facilities.) These two docks are relatively easy to access since they are parallel to the current and consequently should be approached against the tide. They can accommodate boats up to 45 ft.

You may be allocated an East/ West facing dock on the ICW, in slips 49-75, which are numbered from north to south. These docks are perpendicular to the current and can be a challenge to access if the current is running strong, so you are advised to try and time your arrival on a slack tide. If you require assistance in securing your boat, booking ahead of time is advised. If you arrive when the tide is flowing, then you should approach the dock against the tide and be prepared to lean your boat on the entry pylon to turn it into the slip.

If docking at our facility appears to be too much of a challenge, we recommend that you contact the City Marina at 386-409-2042.

Visitor Dock Request

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